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Change Network is a service formed by recovering addicts and industry professionals.

The key players in the team have been clean and sober for many years and have been through the rehabilitation process themselves. They have experienced it first hand and understand the solution that needs to be offered to "fellow" addicts.

The service is affiliated with some of the leading people in the field of addiction. Most importantly in key areas such as clinical psychology and counseling.

Change Network was set up to help others through the tough process of rehabilitation and then to help provide a bridge to normal living. At Change we really understand the heartache of the addict and their family, as we have been there and we want to help.

We are not connected to just one rehabilitation centre. Change has relationships with the various rehab clinics that have the best success rates and treatment programmes available.


The Change Network has helped many people through the process in different ways. Many high profile clients and celebrities have been flown to clinics after a successful intervention and their process has then been managed. At Change clients that just want to be pointed into the right direction are all serious inquiries to us. We want to help and we care.


"I was addicted to gambling from a very young age."

It completely controlled my life and tore me away from normal aspirations and hobbies. My addiction caused me nothing but complete stress and aggravation. Eventually the financial problems and time that I wasted with my addiction problem finally got the better of me. Five years after abusing my addiction, I finally went into rehab.

On my reflection, it took me a while to come to terms that I needed help and I tried so many times to stop gambling and set myself limits that failed every time.

I could not stop on my own. My father then talked to me about entering treatment. I knew deep down I needed to go as I could not stop without some help.

Entering treatment was not something I wanted anyone to know about. I told only a handful of people initially as I was embarrassed because I thought I was weak. I later realised I had a lot of courage, as addiction is like a magnet and like any illness it needs treatment to get back to a cleaner life.

I entered the initial 28-day rehab program in London in 2003. From that day forward my gambling days were over, apart from one relapse three years later, which reminded me that addiction does not go away unless I or you abstain 100% from the substance or behaviour.

In treatment I was with many other addicts. There were four alcoholics, three cocaine abusers, one heroin addict and one guy that had drug, alcohol and gambling problems.

Initially I wanted some gamblers around me as it was nice to talk about gambling experiences and hear about the same gambling stories.

I now go to Gamblers Anonymous so that suits me fine. I realised that in rehab we all have addiction problems so what the problem is does not really matter. It is treating it that is crucial.

In treatment I became very close to these people. They were a very important part of my recovery. We shared and experienced so many good things. A lot was talked about and let out of the bag. These people may have been addicted to something else but it made no difference as we all thought the same way, felt the same problems and were controlled by a substance or a behaviour that was negative to our lives.

After treatment I went to work. Years on I noticed that addiction plagued the world and many people feared making that first step towards receiving the correct type of help.

I started the Change Network service because I wanted to provide a bridge of information to help families and addicts towards the right path to starting treatment.

I do this because all of us, with any addiction problem, need help to stop. Halting addiction on our own is a lonely and very difficult task. I have not heard of anyone with a serious addiction to stop on his or her own.

Work or family commitments, or indeed anything else must not come in the way if you want to stop an addiction that is causing you problems. There are no excuses. If anyone is suffering from an addiction, they need to get into some sort or treatment immediately. Otherwise more years or fruitful living will be wasted and lives of loved ones around you will be affected also.

I set up the Change Network because with my addiction problem I was not a fulfilled human being. I was controlled by something that prevented me from being myself.

Now I turn my past compulsive addictions into positive hobbies. Yoga and Meditation are very important activities in my life. I play golf, I follow soccer and I also focus a lot of my energies on work aspirations. I love my family and my friends. I am not perfect but I try my best to do good things and to be a good member of society."


Rehabilitation provides long-term recovery and is the basis of success for treatment of addiction. It provides addicts and their families with a chance of solving the problems that once caused them so much pain and grief. We want to offer the greatest possible chance of this happening and that fits hand in hand with the ability for the individual to get the top possible treatment for the primary illness.


Drug abuse and addiction problems have become an ever-increasing problem in the last 40 years. Alcoholism has always been a major issue in society wrecking families and ruining lives. Millions of people are dependent on alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, gambling, sex or have an eating disorder. There has also been a significant rise in addiction among the higher socio-economic classes and women. Modern day drugs such as "Skunk" (strong cannabis), cocaine and the increase in availability of gambling with the advent of the Internet have seen addiction spread more rapidly over a broad demographic. It has no boundaries and has affected the rich and the poor, male or female and people of all religions and race.

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