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Gaming Addiction

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Gaming addiction can take a toll on your life. This disorder is defined as the extreme use of video and computer games to the point that it interferes with your everyday life. Situations have been reported where users play these games compulsively and thereby isolate themselves from friends and family. They separate themselves from any form of social contact and instead focus nearly exclusively on in-game accomplishments instead of major life events. They also are known to display a lack of imagination and some mood swings. There are no formal diagnostic criteria for "gaming addiction" in present-day psychological and medical literature. However, the fifth edition of the American Psychological Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the "DSM-5") is due to be published in late May 2013. The DSM contains the APA's diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders, and the DSM-5 will include gaming addiction as a disorder. If any of the following sound familiar, you may have a gaming addiction.

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About Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction has been compared to both drug addictions and behavioural addictions, mainly because a lot of the symptoms are similar. It's important to realize that many gamers actually become connected with their gaming personas and lives more than they do with their real lives. Addicted gamers will play for many hours every day and experience disrupted sleeping patterns to the point that they become sleep deprived. Some effects of this addiction can be more curious, such as addicts simply staring off into space for a significant length of time. It's also common for addicts to be in denial about how long they play every day.

Treatment Of Gaming Addiction

The problem of addiction to gaming has become so prominent in the last couple of decades that some hospitals have even established gaming addiction services. Sometimes, it might be possible for gamers to seek help for their addiction at more general addiction centres. There have even been 12-step programs that were established to combat this form of addiction, such as Online Gamers Anonymous, which started in 2002. The first step in the path to getting help for this type of addiction is for the gamer to admit that he's powerless over the addiction

Post Rehabilitation of Gaming Addiction

Recovery can be for life, even from gaming addiction, which involves video games and computer games that are omnipresent in everyday life. The key is simply learning to live with video games and computers because they're present all around you. In this way, gaming problems are like food addiction. Addicts simply have to learn to use technology in a far more responsible way than how they've been using it. Therapy can be very helpful in making former addicts understand and see that real-life can be even more exciting than a video game.

Gaming addiction is not just real, but it also can be just as ruinous as a drug or alcohol addiction. Some experts believe that it is even more challenging than other forms of addiction because there are no laws against gaming "abuse," which makes it difficult for gaming addicts to be discouraged from continuing in their addiction. The main symptom of this problem is if gaming essentially takes over your life to the point that you can't do anything else. Recovery is for life, though, and there are some treatment centres and support groups that are exclusively dedicated to this type of addiction.


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