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Interventions are designed to inform alcohol or drug dependant loved ones that they require the assistance of rehab, all while remaining in a supportive environment.
Not every addict recognizes their own dependency on drugs or alcohol, and not all of those that do want to change. This can become frustrating for the addict's friends and family members as they can only stand by and watch as their loved one succumbs to the addiction. In these situations an intervention is called to inform the addict of how their behaviour impacts those around them, with the ultimate goal of checking them into a rehabilitation clinic.


Interventions are primarily used for addicts who refuse to admit or acknowledge that they have a problem and they require rehabilitation to help them. When the actions of an addict start to have a seriously adverse effect on those around them and their own life starts to spiral out of control an intervention will be organized. The intervention will take place in a safe and secure location and will remain as relaxed as possible. There is a chance the addict will want to leave to avoid confrontation so it's important to keep the atmosphere calm while maintaining the seriousness of the situation.


Families are not expected to go through the intervention process alone, an interventionist will be there to assist. These professionals are fully qualified and have dedicated their careers to helping those who suffer from addiction. They will meet with the family the night before to prepare them for the next day and will take charge through the intervention, keeping everybody calm so that the addict can hear what’s being said. The interventionist will have a great deal of experience and will be able to answer any questions that the friends and family have beforehand so that they aren’t forced to go into the intervention blind.


During the intervention each friend and family member will have a chance to read from a letter to the addict explaining their personal thoughts on the addicts actions and provide examples of how those actions have been a detriment. After everybody has had a chance to speak an ultimatum will be given to the addict, they can either choose to go for treatment at a rehabilitation facility or they will be cut off, either financially or from the family. These threats may have been made previously, but they are empty threats unless everybody is fully prepared to enforce them. In many cases this is enough to make the addict rethink their life and commit to getting clean. Although it's difficult to go through with, the help of an interventionist in this process can make it go by smoothly and successfully. The family should be prepared for some pushback by the addict, as the emotions being displayed are sometimes enough to make them lash out and say hurtful things. It's important to remember that the addict is no longer in control, which is why the intervention was scheduled.
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