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Gambling Rehab

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Gambling rehab is a process that is the same as drug rehab. The same rules apply and the goal is total abstinence. The 12-step program works for all addictions, gambling is no different. It can be treated with other patients addicted to drugs as the same feeling of loss and control applies and the same goal of abstinence is targeted.

Rehab for gambling can take place in residential treatment or on a outpatient program in the evenings in some clinics that Change is connected to. Residential treatment will normally last for a minimum of 28 days.

Gambling causes the same stresses and problems as substance addiction. Gambling can be more serious, as the financial strains can cause more unimaginable stress than anything. Suicidal thoughts are common with gamblers.

Gambling rehab is a very important process for any compulsive gambler who wishes to take back control of their lives.

Contact Change for more information and how we can help you get your life back on track.


Individuals attending a gambling rehab center can be successfully treated for their addiction with the use of medications that limit urges and increase inhibitions.

This is according to findings presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, with scientists discovering that pathological gamblers are able to benefit from treatments usually reserved for substance abusers.

Patients looking at gambling addiction support can usually embark on a residential stay at a gambling rehab center, with the latest development making a successful recovery all the more likely.

Individuals are able to learn about gambling's effect on the mind and body, with gambling addiction counsellors involved every step of the way in order to initiate positive lifestyle changes.

Pathological gambling is believed to affect between one and two per cent of the US population, with existing treatments linked to relatively high relapse rates.

Thanks to the new discovery, it is hoped that more people will successfully embark on a gambling addiction program.

A key part of the programs is the involvement of family and friends, who can offer valuable support to those attending a gambling addiction clinic.


One of the fastest growing problems in the US is that of gambling, an issue that has stemmed from the opening of new casinos and the ease of access to gambling on the internet.

Whereas large-scale gambling used to be limited to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it has now spread right the way across the nation as more people bet on sports matches and spend time in casinos.

Thankfully, a gambling rehabilitation center can offer help to those in need of addiction treatment, with services specifically tailored to a patient's needs.

Residential programs are often necessary for problem gamblers, with counselling forming the mainstay of treatment.

Unlike drug addiction programs, when detox therapy is necessary, counselling takes the form of both group and individual sessions, allowing a patient to understand the causes behind their addiction.

Successful treatment tends to involve the development of an alternative hobby, while reformed gamblers will find themselves better prepared to make informed decisions should they be confronted by temptation.

These positive lifestyle changes will also benefit friends and family members, many of whom can be affected by a person's gambling addiction.
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