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It took me a while to finally admit I had an addiction to the primary substance of my choice and that I actually needed to do something about it. My addiction to drugs and alcohol deluded my vision and energy in life. My addiction made me lose a lot of believe in myself, caused me to fear the world, which as a result, I lived in a different world that was not feeling good at all. This feeling was caused by fear inside me which ruined the confidence and belief in myself. The drugs helped me escape from reality. I got caught up in the drugs and it started to ruin my life slowly everyday that went by. The rehab clinic I entered put my mind straight and moved me towards a better life then that of the life I was heading to with my addiction controlling it. My life after 5 years of being clean has only improved. It never at any point got worse. Times were hard, but problems and worries happen to everyone. Life is still good. After I left rehab, kept on thinking positively and believing in myself. I now can follow my feelings, think positive about life and not let my addiction control my life into nothing like it had for many years. The process works. Rehab helped me get back on a path towards a good orderly direction. Focus is back in my personal and my working life. Being a good person, doing things in moderation, keeping negative things out of my life as best as I can and belief in myself is all anyone or I need to do to have happiness and live a better life. My addiction and compulsive nature will always be with me but now I know how to deal with it and how to keep it out of my life.

David from London, UK
I had help before for my addiction. The people at change helped me make a better choice of treatment this time. Thanks for your support!

Joanna, Worcester
I called them because I did not know where to turn to next or what was the right counsellor/clinic to speak to. They found me a really good counsellor. This resulted in me entering a treatment program abroad which completely changed my life for the better. I would always trust their network of people and clinics. And, thanks again for being there every step of the way.

Hannah. West Sussex, UK
After being in and out of treatment before. This time I got it right. I found it tough. But for me I made it difficult for myself by battling with everyone and in the end the only loser was myself. Even when I thought I was right. I was the one destroying my life and making my family feel the pain even more so. Now I really understand the hard work of other people communicating with me. Then myself communicating back and the importance of this. Honesty with myself was the key and listening, understanding and then finally letting go of my control which is what nearly killed me. I can say that I am happy now. I will deal with the normal stresses of life now without escaping to cocaine and other drugs everyday. I can now communicate my issues and for once I have grown up. Thanks for believing in me.

Nima, Middle East
The first step is the most important step to a better life. Calling them led me to a path that gave me back my life and made me find my true smile and energy. I have the tools to keep clean. I feel secure for having those tools that I learnt from my time in rehab. I know what do now. I have been given the strength. The world does not revolve around me. I thought it did. I believe more in myself now and am looking forward to the future rather than fearing it. I do not need a substance to control me anymore. Thanks for being there from the start.

Oliver. New York City. USA
My sons life improved after I called you. You erased the stress of me worrying what was the right place to send him and I knew how he was doing whilst he was in treatment. He is doing very well now. A million thanks.

Phillip. London, UK
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